The newest products from Research & Development are being tested by David Dunn, Chairman of ETCO, David Dunn Jr., Director of The Racing Program, and Eddie Jacques, Project Manager at ETCO. Components are changed between passes to compare performance results.

ETCO’s automotive prowess and ability to develop top racing solutions has led to our ignition components being used by a majority of the NASCAR teams, as well as throughout the high performance world. Auto racing is in ETCO’s lifeblood, though our success must also be credited to our outstanding customers.

ETCO also does extensive Dyno testing. We continually improve our products and keep our clients informed on product performance.

R & D is using a 2004 GTO as a project car to test ideas regarding ignition components. One experiment yielded a 7 horsepower increase over the stock ignition wire sets. We use an LS1 engine that features a coil-near plug with terminals and silicone boots connected by 6-inches of ignition wire. Terminals and boots are manufactured and crimped by ETCO for the improved sets. The tests are verified by dyno testing at max power.

At ETCO we’re constantly improving our standards and methods to ensure our best is yours.