Custom wire crimp applicator tooling with specialty coating reduces friction when attaching terminals


Custom crimp applicator tooling for attaching electrical terminals to wire, producing the strongest mechanical connection with the highest electrical conductivity, is being introduced by ETCO Incorporated of Bradenton, FL. ETCO Applicator Tooling is custom manufactured from the highest quality tool steel to precisely match OEM electrical terminal attachment require-ments and features a specialty coating that […]

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As seen in Wiring Harness News March/April 2022 Originally called Electric Terminal Corporation, ETCO was incorporated in RI on September 11, 1947. The original 2,000 sq.ft. factory was in Pawtuxet RI. Its wood floors would flex up and down with 15-ton Perkins presses. David Dunn, owner of ETCO recalled the original product being stamped. “It […]

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Design to Part Magazine ETCO article October 2021

Stamping Company Built Business Around Quality in High-Volume Markets

ETCO, with roots in Rhode Island and Florida, specializes in parts that make electrical connections for the automotive, appliance, and medical industries. ETCO Incorporated has been stamping precision metal parts since 1947. Today, with locations in Florida and Rhode Island, the firm meets the highest quality standards, including ISO 9001: 2015 and IATF 16949: 2016, […]

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Posted: October 27, 2021 in: Electrical Connector, Other News, Wire Termination News

Available with stud holes ranging from #2 through #10, ETCO Locking Ring Terminals are ideal for use in robotic arms and pick-and-place equipment

ETCO Introduces a Line of Locking Ring Terminals Featuring Robust Design that is Ideal for Robotics

A broad line of locking ring terminals that are ideally suited for use in automation equipment because of their oversized teeth and reliable F-crimp design has been introduced by ETCO Incorporated of Bradenton, Florida. ETCO Locking Ring Terminals are offered in tinned-brass, plain brass, and stainless steel and attach to 12-22 gauge wire using an […]

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Posted: August 25, 2021 in: Electrical Connector, News, Wire Termination News

Standby and portable generator terminal sets, American made.

ETCO Introduces Standby and Portable Generator Terminal Products that are Totally American Made to Eliminate Current Supply Chain Woes

Battery terminals, ignition terminals, and various other connector types manufactured in the USA and offered as a single SKU for OEMs to simplify purchasing and inspection have been introduced by ETCO Incorporated. ETCO Incorporated has introduced a line of battery terminals, ignition terminals, and various other connector types that are manufactured in the USA and […]

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Cross Section of a Good Crimp

Wire Termination Processing Video

The engineers at ETCO are always focused on bringing the latest information on wire termination technology. At a the base level, the key to a optimal connection, is a proper crimp. In this video, ETCO engineers demonstrate how a proper crimp is achieved and why it matters. For more information on crimping technology visit our […]

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Posted: May 27, 2017 in: Wire Termination News

ETCO R&D Tests Robotic Automation

ETCO Innovates with Robotic Automation

ETCO Incorporated is consistently working on ways to bring value to manufacturers. Our innovations in developing solutions have led to recent work with robotic automation including pick and place functionality, sorting and metal stamping integrations. It means being cost competitive with metal stamped solutions while also delivering best-in-class quality. Consistent automation means consistent products that […]

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Posted: April 19, 2017 in: Wire Termination News

Wire Terminal Applicator Fits Automatic and Manual

A newly redesigned wire applicator that fits a wide variety of automatic equipment and stand-alone bench presses and allows tooling changes in the press is being introduced by ETCO Incorporated of Warwick, Rhode Island. The ETCO Mini-Applicator accepts terminals from virtually all manufacturers and can be used with automatic equipment and stand-alone bench presses such […]

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Posted: March 4, 2012 in: Wire Termination News