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ISO/TS Registrations


Manufacturing Certifications


With major manufacturing centers in the United States and distribution/logistics systems throughout the world, ETCO maintains a steadfast committment to quality above and beyond standard quality systems. In addition, ETCO that running lean efficent manufacturing operations is the key to bringing cost-savings as well as quality products to our customers. To that end, we’ve provided a complete compliance section on this page that provides links to out ISO/TS certificates, RoHs letters, Conflict material statment and corporate responsibility statement.

For ETCO, quality begins at our suppliers, continues to our manufacturing and end products and finally continues on to what gets delivered to our customers.


ETCO recycles nearly every metal used in our manufacturing process. Before it was in vogue to do so, our engineers sought optimal conditions for re-using and reassimiliating scrap. A central tenet of this was to past the cost savings on to our customers. It remains that way to this very day.
ETCO Quality

Product Compliance

For individual and group product compliance data, please contact ETCO directly. We’re happy to provide information on all of our products including REACH, RoHS, UL and other data, e-mail us at

Corporate Responsibility

ETCO is committed to our corporate responsibility, which entails strict adherence to applicable laws and environmental protection, as well as employee protection. We use this philosophy in the way we run each and every one of our facilities, to ensure public health not only amongst our team but within the community at large. Read more

Product Catalog

Over 1800+ Standard Products and Countless Custom Products

Since 1947, ETCO engineers have created thousands of products for a countless number of industries. Specialties include appliance, automotive, aviation, medical, OEM/Off-highway, telecommunications, information technology hardware and more.Product Catalog