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ETCO Sales Representatives

Inside Sales

TitleContact NameContact Information
VP MarketingSean
Sales Manager – Cord Products GroupSteve
Tel:401-467-3143 Ext. 101
Sales Manager – Europe, UK, and South AsiaVinod
Customer Service Supervisor – ETCO SouthKeri
Tel:941-756-8426 Ext. 327
Customer Service & Sales Specialist – ETCO NorthKaren
Tel:401-467-2400 Ext. 142
Sales and General Manager – ETCO SouthFred
Tel: 941-756-8426 Ext. 315
Fax: 941-758-7195
Senior Sales Manager – ETCO NorthJohn
Tel: 401-467-3413 Ext. 119
Fax: 401-467-9230

Eastern US

RegionContact NameContact Information
Northeast & Southeast USA – New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Northern New Jersey, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Mississippi & ArkansasJohn
Tel: 401-467-2400 Ext. 119
Fax: 401-467-9230
Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, W. Virginia, Southern New
Steve Mease
Mease Sales Co.
Cell: 610-247-9824
VirginiaPeter Cordray
Cordray Corp.
Tel: 610-644-6200
Fax: 610-644-8581

Central US

RegionContact NameContact Information
Illinois, Minnesota, WisconsinFred Bainbridge
F. W. Bainbridge & Associates
Tel: 312 953-7302
MichiganSteve Lafnear
S.J. Lafnear, Inc.
Tel: 810 444-0040
Indiana/OhioDeb Freeman
D.F. Sales
Tel: 260-438-9101
Fax: 260-636-3110
El Paso, TexasJoe
Tel: 915-731-5614

Western US

RegionContact NameContact Information
Southern California
The maquiladoras along the San Diego & Tijuana boarder
Porter Williams Inc
Dan Ferdman
Jim Williams
Tim Arnold
Sharon Evans
Tel: 818-485-0544
Fax: 818-485-0540


RegionContact NameContact Information
CanadaTerry Curtis
Wire Process Specialties
Tel: 905-642-6186
Latin America, Central America, South AmericaJean Labrada
Labert Corporation
Tel: 305-379-0114
Fax: 305-379-5109
Mexico except Chihuahua, Sonora, Tamaulipas, Nuevo Leon and
Coahuila states
Gerson Galindo
Tel: +52(55) 5534 8337
All of Europe, including the UKVinod
Indonesia, Taiwan, S. Korea, Philippines, Malaysia, and
Rashid Lilaoowala
AARELL Consultants, Inc.
Tel: 1 (310) 378-1685
Mexican State of ChihuahuaJoe
Tel: 915-731-5614