ETCO Brings Choice to Manufacturing

Custom Wire Termination Manufacturing in all Shapes, Sizes and Colors… You Decide*

Learn More About Choice in Custom Manufacturing

ETCO Brings You Choice, find Out More about custom manufacturing

How Customization Works

1. Provide a Product Print

Contact us with design schematics and/or product information for custom manufacturing.

Step 1

2. Select Custom Manufacturing Options

Provide customization information to ETCO. ETCO representative will reply with custom manufacturing options.

Step 2

3. Receive Custom Manufacturing Data from ETCO

Receive custom manufacturing data from ETCO with quote information.

Step 3

Why Choose Customization ?

Reasons why
custom manufacturing is the
  • Responsive on-demand custom manufacturing
  • Custom Manufacturing from ETCO for most
    standard parts within ETCO’s product catalog (volume
    minimums may apply.) with nearly identical lead times
    as standard manufacturing options.
  • Extensive engineering help provided by ETCO
    technical staff and custom manufacturing reps.
  • Extensive documentation provided for custom
    manufacturing products.

Product Drawings

More on Custom Manufacturing

Custom manufacturing data and fine print
  • Custom manufacturing from ETCO means
    having the backing of a company that has
    over 65 years of history in the industry.

    ETCO provides extensive engineering help on
    customer manufacturing projects
    from the inception of our customer’s project
    until completion.

    The newest development in ETCO’s custom
    includes multi-colored insulated
    wire termination. Order minimums apply.