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EDGE Datasheet

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ETCO is focused on delivering the most competitive pricing, quality and lead time for attaching equipment with it’s new series of EDGE applicators. There are multiple choices when it comes to applicators, the EDGE series provide quality and value in one package. ETCO’s EDGE applicator sacrifices nothing when it comes to quality. The EDGE applicator is about form and function in a compact package that can work for most wire termination manufacturing operations. It performs even better with custom wire termination applications.

Ease of Use, Competitive Pricing, Top Notch Support

The EDGE wire terminations allow manufacturing line workers to set it and forget it. ETCO offers continuous support when it comes to the EDGE series of applicators so you get the best performance. ETCO applicators are continuously featured in top industry publications and have been used as a standard for the wire termination industry.

EDGE Datasheet

  • ETCO EDGE applicators now have standardized features that give manufacturers the ability to have uniform wire termination design worldwide. One EDGE applicator contains multiple feed options that are interchangeable under one applicator body. Terminals can now be positioned with more precision for optimal crimps. ETCO engineers tested the EDGE applicator at several manufacturing complexes with over 2 million strokes over a 6 month period. This is one of the most reliable applicators ever designed.

    • Modular Design All EDGE applicators have interchangeable parts
    • Shorter Lead Times EDGE lead times are among the shortest in the industry
    • Precise Crimp Height Adjustments can be made for precision when crimping
    • Multiple Feed Options Mechanical and Pneumatic

    EDGE Datasheet

    Crimp features

    EDGE Applicators create crimps that competitors attempt to duplicate because it is THE standard for optimal crimps. The quality of our crimp allows for the best connections in all applications (appliance, medical, automotive and more).

    • Minimum Seam All wire strands contained inside crimp ears
    • Uniformity – Crimp ears formed to exacting specifications
      • – Minimial material extrusion on corners
      • – No signs of fracturing in corners
      • – Wire strands deformed into honeycomp patter with minimum voids evident
      • – Tested over 2 million times with exact results on each try
      • – Less of a chance of fire hazards and connectivity losses

      EDGE Datasheet

  • More Features

    ETCO EDGE Applicators come with more features than the mechanical parts outlined in our spec sheets. Depending on your order type, EDGE Applicators also come with the following features:

    • Type EDGE XL
    • Features
      • – 2nd set of Tooling Included
      • – 10 hours/ Month of additional engineering support
      • – 5 Year All-in warranty
      • – Additional product customization
      • – Rush lead time often 3 weeks less than competitor

    • Sturdy, Lasting, Unibody Construction

    • Extensive Support, Excellent Quality Control

    • Unmatched Crimp Quality, Tested over 2MM times

    • Available for custom applications

EDGE Video See the EDGE in Action

Seeing photos of the EDGE is one thing, but the EDGE applicator in action is a thing to behold. Wire termination is now simpler, more concise with the EDGE applicator.

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Contact ETCO regarding the EDGE MX and the EDGE XL applicators. Our engineering and customer service staff is ready to help you regarding questions on this family of applicators

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