ETCO Driving Down the Cost of Custom Manufacturing

ETCO Custom Wire Terminal Manufacturing

Custom Manufacturing with a Proven Design and Engineering Partner

It’s simple. With all of the ongoing advancements in manufacturing, one of the consistent barriers to getting successful custom metal stamping projects greenlit ishaving a design and engineering supplier that partners with you to bring down costs. When it comes to custom metal stamping manufacturing, cost considerations drive major decisions daily. At ETCO, we’re constantly looking at ways to drive down cost and pass the savings on to our customers via collaborative design and engineering. It is one of the reasons why we’ve been successful for over 65 years.

Our recent capital expenditures in upgrading manufacturing equipment shows one of the ways where we are devoted to providing custom solutions while bringing costs down through project collaborations.

A TS/ISO registered company, ETCO Engineering provides the design and testing for custom applications to ensure UL/CSA/NEMA compliance. All ETCO metal stamped products are made and inspected in the US with worldwide logistics in mind.

Currently working on a project? Send our engineers an e-mail, we answer all custom metal stamping manufacturing questions and may have a solution for your project. E-mail ETCO at

Posted: August 1, 2013 in: Other News