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Understand What Makes an Optimal Crimp

High Quality Crimps Every Single Time

  • Utilizing proven crimping tools and machines
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  • Creating the Settings and Developing Consistent Quality


In the wire termination manufacturing industry it is easy to get lost with the various terms. But one of the most important aspects of termination applications is achieving an optimal crimp. An improperly crimped wire can lead to power loss, product performance issues and in worse case scenarios hazardous conditions.

ETCO creates products that perform under the most rigorous testing conditions. The diagram also demonstrates the importance in terms of safety and quality of providing a connection that starts out right in the custom manufacturing process. Appliance, medical device and automotive manufacturers that use wires with badly crimped terminal connections are more likely to have product issues having to do with safety, returns and product performance than properly crimped wire terminal connections.



Optimal Crimp Matters

An optimal crimp means customer satisfaction

The wire crimp on the left is a prime example of a badly formed product. This type of wire crimp can effect pull force results and a reduction in electrical performance. Over time the badly crimped wired can cause dangerous problems.

What ETCO has done in creating this guide is show our 65 years of expertise in provding optimal wire crimping technology. Our engineers have created solutions for appliance, automotive and medical devices based off of this technology.

No Room for Error

There’s no room for error in our industry when it comes to providing the best wire termination technology. Our wire crimping guide demonstrates in detail why we stress an absolutely perfect crimp every time.

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ETCO is providing this guide as a free service because we understand the importance of a good wire crimp in today’s manufacturing applications. Washing machines are susceptible to a myriad of problems and many of them can begin at the wiring level. Getting the crimp right is the first step in avoiding potential issues.

The crimped wire on the right is a sample of a competitor’s product. We have not doctored the photo or performed any changes to it. This is exactly what a competitor’s crimp will look like. ETCO’s crimps are done right every time.

The first step in getting ETCO to provide wire termination products is to download the crimp guide. A representative from the company will contact you regarding your wire termination needs. Proper wire termination and crimping need not be a mystery. If you need to contact ETCO immediately regarding our products, click this link.