ETCO Incorporated Launched American Manufacturing Metal Stamping Micro Site


Bradenton, FL

ETCO Incorporated announced the launch of a Metal Stamping micro site that contains extensive information on manufacturing processes behind metal forming and stamping. The site seeks to demonstrate the new capabilities of the company after several years of upgrades and investments have been put into place. As a result of this expansion, ETCO now is one of the leading metal stamping manufacturers in the United States.

The ETCO metal stamping micro site outlines the company’s history in the industry as well as its progression throughout the past 60 years in the area of manufacturing. Started in 1947 as the Electric Terminal Corporation, ETCO has a rich history of manufacturing parts for partners in a multitude of industries all over the world. ETCO was a pioneer inmetal stamping when it started with manual production in the 1950s. Fast forward 60 years later, the company continues the metal stamping tradition only now with high speed machines capable of outputting millions of parts a month. The company’s new capabilities in metal stamping allow for a greater production of parts at minimal cost to the end customer.

ETCO is using this new metal stamping website as a primary source of contact for customers who have questions regarding engineering projects. The company is also providing detailed information on its metal stamping capabilities and allowing users and customers the ability to contact the company 24 hours a day from any geographic location. Any customer can now propose a project for metal stamping with little effort.

ETCO’s Director of Marketing, Sam Francois states that, “ETCO provides multiple ways for our customers to immediately get in contact with us regarding metal stamping projects.” He continues, “We’re hoping to simplify the contact process as well as bring down costs when it comes to engineering metal stamping projects.”

Founded in 1947, ETCO is a privately owned company. The Company manufactures precision stampings and rubber and plastic molded products used principally by major automotive and appliance manufacturers. ETCO also has major customers in a variety of other industries in the USA and over 30 countries throughout the world. ETCO has factories and a research complex in Bradenton, Florida and a factory and engineering center in Warwick, Rhode Island.

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Posted: February 7, 2013 in: Press Releases