ETCO Incorporated Updates Mighty-Mini Wire Terminal Applicator for use in Efficient Terminal Manufacturing

ETCO Mighty Mini Insulated Terminal ApplicatorA new, air-operated, one-stroke, insulated wire terminal applicator for producing fire-retardant insulated disconnects with no waste or loss of speed is being introduced by ETCO Incorporated of Bradenton, Florida.

The ETCO Insulated Mighty-Mini Wire Terminal Applicator is an air-operated unit that applies the “F” crimp to a disconnect on the down stroke and adds a fire-retardant nylon insulator on the way back up. Since the insulator is pre-loaded onto the terminals in strip form, there is no need for a nylon carrier and this applicator can produce up to 5,000 terminations per hour.

Featuring a one-piece cast body and an extra thick base for rigidity, the ETCO Insulated Mighty-Mini Wire Terminal Applicator is designed for use with automatic equipment and manual bench presses such as Tyco/AMP, Artos, and Komax with wire up to 9 AWG. Produced to UL and NEMA specifications and supplied in strip form, these insulated disconnects are rated to 150°.

The ETCO Insulated Mighty-Mini Wire Terminal Applicator is priced from $2100.00 plus the cost of tooling; with 4 to 6 week delivery.

Founded in 1947, ETCO is a privately owned company. The Company manufactures precision stampings and rubber and plastic molded products used principally by major automotive and appliance manufacturers. ETCO also has major customers in a variety of other industries in the USA and over 30 countries throughout the world. ETCO has factories and a research complex in Bradenton, Florida and a factory and engineering center in Warwick, Rhode Island.

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Posted: August 15, 2012 in: Press Releases