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Assembled Products and Blades


Electrical Blades for Multiple Regions

Ground Pins

Grounded Pin Products

Hospital Grade Blades/Pins

Blades and Pins for Medical Applications

Polarized Blades

Specialized Polarized Blades

Twist Locks

For heavy duty cord applications

Automotive Boots

Angle Boot Insulators

Rubber Boots / Silicone – Angled

Straight Boot Insulators

Rubber Boots / Silicone – Straight

Automotive Terminals

5MM Automotive Terminals

Specialized automotive terminals

Core Crimp Terminals

Crimp Terminals for Automotive

Spark Plug Terminals

Spark Plug Terminals for Automotive

Top Post Battery Terminals

Battery Terminals for Automotive

Connectors Contacts Reliefs


Hundreds of Connector Products


Contacts for a variety of industries

Power Center Contact

Inline Contacts

Strain Reliefs

Cord Management


Bobbin Pins

Bobbin Pin Products

Flat Snaps

Newest Connector Application

Inline Disconnects

Inline (non angular) Disconnects

Male Disconnects

Male-type Disconnects

Stationary Male

Male Disconnect Products

Welding Male Disconnects

Welding Male Disconnect Products

Insulated Blades, and Male and Female Disconnects

Insulated Blades

Multiple Blades Secondary Insulation

Insulated Male Disconnects

Male Disconnects with Insulation Housing

Insulated Right Angle Female Disconnects

Right Angle Female Disconnects with Insulation Housing



Multiple Wire Termination Pins

Pins and Receptacles

IEC Pins

IEC Pin Products

Male/Female Combination

Male/Female Combination Connectors


Complete Recptacle Product Category

Printed Circuit Board Terminals and Parts

Rings and Spades

Heavy Duty Rings

Heavy Duty Ring Terminals


Hook Terminal Products

Locking Rings

Locking Ring Terminal Product

Ring Terminals

Complete Line of over 100 Ring Terminal Products

Side Flag Ring Spades and Keyholds

Side and Angular Ring Terminal Products


Spade Terminal Products


Splices Autobands

Autoband Splice Application

Splices (Telephone)

Telecom Splice Applications

Splices (U-bands)

U-band Splice Application