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Angle Booter

The ETCO angle booter is table-mounted air-operated and will adapt to many ETCO 90 degree boots. The booter has a cradle with adjustment for length of wire seal end. This unit spreads the boot and allows easy booting for 90 degree terminals, without damaging the wire seal area.

Kenco Kompac 3-5 Ton

Kenco Kompac, 3 ton, 1 1/2″ stroke with 7″ frame opening, roller clutch with solenoid trip, 1/3 horsepower 115v 60hz motor, 1725 rpm, 1″ stroke adjustment. The press is bench type, measuring 28″ high, 12 3/4″ wide, 18″ deep.

Bender Booter Applicator

The ETCO Bender-Booter is a pneumatic, bench-top unit that applies a boot to a terminated ignition wire and bends it to produce 45-degree and 90-degree angled or straight boots.

Automotive Die Set

ETCO terminating applicators are designed specifically for ETCO terminals. Tooling is mounted on a 6″ X 6″, 2 post precision die set. The applicator has a hitch-type cam action feed, with drag brake. Total overall shut height is 5-1/2″.

Heavy Duty Die-Set

ETCO offers a wide variety of attaching equipment to accomodate our heavy duty terminals.

The heavy duty applicators are designed for 5 ton electric presses and heavy duty air/hydraulic presses. The applicators will accomodate the largest ETCO terminals for up to “00” gauge wire.

EDGE Applicator

ETCO’s EDGE applicator sacrifices nothing when it comes to quality. The EDGE applicator is about form and function in a compact package that can work for most wire termination manufacturing operations.

Mighty T-Press

The ETCO Mighty-T Press is a bench-top unit that features a rigid one-piece cast iron frame, em­ploys a 40 mm stroke with 4,450 lbs. of crimping force, and includes a footswitch, safety interlock, and reel arm.

MX-Mini Insulated

Terminate ETCO’s open barrel “F” crimp insulated terminals. Applicators crimp and insulate all in one cycle of the press and adapt to all wire processing equipment. Interchangeable tooling allows one applicator to apply several different connectors. Available for automatic or bench applications.

Straight Booter

Eliminating the need for heating boots, ETCO’s Straight Booter is foot pedal actuated and capable of processing up to 100 wire assemblies per hour. Measuring only 19”L x 5”W x 5”H, this compact, semi-automatic unit is the newest edition to ETCO’s family of booters for applying straight and angled boots to ignition wire assemblies.

APX 2000 Air Press

While economically priced, this pneumatic press sacrifices nothing when it comes to performance. ETCO’s proprietary cylinder design assures effective and reliable terminations every time.

8-15 Ton Air Hydraulic

Heavy duty presses for heavy duty terminals provide for an efficient and simple application process. Air/Hydraulic presses are easily maintained and require little or no adjustment when changing wire size.

GBBA Bowl Fed

ECC Style manual applicators are also available for all Pre-Assembled Components. These cost effective applicators are easily interchanged with the ETCO Press for greater production flexibility.