The ETCO Bender-Booter is a pneumatic, bench-top unit that applies a boot to a terminated ignition wire and bends it to produce 45-degree and 90-degree angled or straight boots. Featuring dual palm-button actuation for operator safety, a user simply loads the terminated spark plug or distributor wire into the machine, loads the silicon rubber boot, presses the buttons and a finished assembly is ejected.

Capable of processing up to 100 wire assemblies per hour, the ETCO Bender-Booter measures 24” W x 18” D and replaces the firm’s previous line of foot pedal-operated booters. This semi-automatic machine is designed to bend and boot ETCO CB2, CB3, AB16, CB8, AB15, and AB20 boots, along with DT2000LB, DT207LB, DT200B, DT250B, DT257B, SP19, and DT7B ignition terminals.