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Might Mini bench applicator for - Amp (K and G), Kenco, Mecal

ETCO’s “Mighty-Mini” applicator is versatile. It can be used for benchwork or in automated lines, and it handles a wide range of wire sizes and terminals. It fits in the following:

  • Automatic machines (adapter may be required)
    Amp, Artos, Komax, Filomat, Megomat, Osawa, Eubanks
  • Bench – Amp (K and G), Kenco, Mecal

Why the Mighty Mini Applicator?

  • One applicator design series – modular group design
  • Multiple styles with 2 feed options: Mechanical, Pneumatic
  • Same wire crimper, insulation crimper and anvil used on group of MX-Mini Insulated applicator styles
  • Open architecture allows for design flexibility
  • Improved and simpler adjustments on all feed units
  • Completely new design engineered ram to housing interface for improved alignment and crimp consistency.
  • More Precise incremental crimp height adjustment

Standard Applicator Characteristics

  • Engineered for constantly fast throughput and high repeatability
  • Manufactured and machined from high grade tool steels within the United States
  • 30 and 40mm stroke
  • Cut and no-cut carrier options
  • Pre-feed and post-feed
  • Processed using state-of-the-art CNC equipment for tightest tolerances
  • Fine and tool-less wire and insulation crimp height adjustment