Why the MX-Mini Insulated Applicator?

Our applicator design is now standardized so our offerings provide consistency on a global scale and offers premiere flexibility when it comes to multiple feeding options.

Terminate ETCO’s open barrel “F” crimp insulated terminals. Applicators crimp and insulate all in one cycle of the press and adapt to all wire processing equipment. Interchangeable tooling allows one applicator to apply several different connectors. Available for automatic or bench applications.

Advantages of the MX-Mini Applicator

  • One applicator design series – modular group design
  • Multiple styles with 2 feed options: Mechanical, Pneumatic
  • Same wire crimper, insulation crimper and anvil used on group of MX-Mini Insulated applicator styles
  • Open architecture allows for design flexibility
  • Improved and simpler adjustments on all feed units
  • Completely new design engineered ram to housing interface for improved alignment and crimp consistency.
  • More Precise incremental crimp height adjustment

Standard Applicator Characteristics

  • Engineered for constantly fast throughput and high repeatability
  • Manufactured and machined from high grade tool steels within the United States
  • 30 and 40mm stroke
  • Cut and no-cut carrier options
  • Pre-feed and post-feed
  • Processed using state-of-the-art CNC equipment for tightest tolerances
  • Fine and tool-less wire and insulation crimp height adjustment