The ETCO Mighty-T Press is a bench-top unit that features a rigid one-piece cast iron frame, em­ploys a 40 mm stroke with 4,450 lbs. of crimping force, and includes a footswitch, safety interlock, and reel arm. Offered optionally with a wire terminal applicator which has a two-piece anvil to crimp wire and insula­tion ear sections in a single stroke, it eliminates hand crimping and has an open architecture for easy feed ad­justment and tooling changes.

Ideally suited for up to 5,000 terminations per hour, depending upon the terminal and wire combination, the ETCO Mighty-T Press accepts applicator feeds from the right, left or rear and has a 7.9” x 23” x 11.8” foot­print. It accepts virtually all mini-style applicators with a standard “T” style coupling. ETCO’s Mighty-Mini Wire Terminal Applicator can handle wire up to 9 AWG, terminals from 0.006” though 0.32” thick, and a variety of tooling.