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The Automotive Products division was started in Bradenton, Florida in 1978. It was established as an independent division to concentrate on and become the industry leader in the ignition components business. Small company response with large company resources enabled the division to grow from a modest 5,000 square-foot facility producing 500,000 components per year to a 60,000 square-foot facility producing 450,000,000 components a year.

Automotive Products division supplies original equipment manufacturers and aftermarket customers with high quality spark plug and distributor terminals, as well as the rubber insulators (boots). These components are then attached to wire and booted using ETCO specially designed equipment at the customer’s facility.

Like all ETCO divisions, integrity is the key in dealing with customers and a strict quality program ensures conformance to the customers requirements. Our dedicated work force has dominated this industry, but still respond to each customer’s need as they did in 1978 when they only had one customer. (view our entire line of products by clicking this link)