Heavy Cord Manufacturers Now Have a Choice

ETCO Twist Locks now available in loose piece as well as strip form!

    • Twist Locks Now In Loose Piece

      ETCO brings choice to heavy cord and electrical cord manufacturers. The durable, high quality twist locks that ETCO manufactures in the United States are available in loose piece.

      • Twist Locks available for use with less expensive applicators
      • Low cost and high quality

      rating5 out of 5 ratings


    • Meticulous Engineering

      Engineered with exacting specifications and available for custom applications. ETCO Twist Locks have no equal in the industry.

      • Twist Locks are available in a variety of metals
      • Engineering support available for all twist locks.

      rating5 out of 5 ratings


    • Available now

      Twist locks both in loose piece and strip form are available now for purchase. Contact ETCO for pricing and individual part availability

      • Easy integration into all manufacturing applications
      • Warranty support available directly through ETCO. Contact an ETCO representative.

      rating5 out of 5 ratings



Support – Twist locks have the backing of ETCO customer service. Dedicated since 1947.


Flexibility – Completely customizable for a variety of manufacturing applications.


Low Cost – Can be used with lower cost application equipment.