IDC Connectors Eliminate Stripping and Crimping

Custom engineered IDC Connectors (Insulation Displacing Connectors) that eliminate the need for wire stripping and provide low applied cost and high reliability, especially for the rapid assembly of high density harness, are being introduced by ETCO Incorporated of Warwick, Rhode Island.

IDC ConnectorsETCO IDC Connectors feature contacts into which fully insulated wire is pressed, displacing the insulation to achieve a gas tight interface between the wire and contacts. Eliminating wire stripping and crimping, these IDC connectors facilitate the rapid assembly of high density harnesses and can be produced for solid and stranded wire applications from 18 to 28 Ga. Ideal for multi-wire terminations, ETCO IDC Connectors require much lower insertion forces than crimped connectors and can be custom manufactured from brass, tinned brass, phosphor bronze, and beryllium copper in sizes from .001″ to .032″ thick, and include selective precious metal plating. They are supplied in strip form for automated processing equipment.

ETCO IDC Connectors are priced according to design, material, and quantity. Literature and price quotations are available upon request.

Posted: March 3, 2012 in: Electrical Connector