The most rigorous standards are applied to products manufactured for defense, aerospace and marine applications. They have to be rigorous because reliability in very difficult and varying environments is of paramount importance.

It is a source of great pride for ETCO to often be chosen to manufacture quality components for approved military and related industries. We are committed to state of the art engineering practices, innovation and respecting the necessity for discretion in each of these crucial markets. ETCO has an engineer specifically dedicated to complex military product solutions. Safety and reliability in the field is our first and foremost goal. Our contractors trust that we deliver on that goal based on our 70 years of highly reliable engineering and production expertise.


Current Applications for Aerospace and Defense:
– Aviation equipment
– Helicopter equipment
– Unmanned airborne equipment
– Tanks and all military transportation equipment
– Oceangoing and coastal vessels
– Security maintenance devices
– Monitoring devices
– Medical devices for hospital and field use

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