Backed by 70 years of manufacturing expertise and financial stability, ETCO is a leading supplier to the automotive industry. We currently have two factories in Florida dedicated to utilizing the most advanced automated techniques to serve the automotive industry. From terminals, to boots, to insulators, ETCO has an extensive product line of the highest quality products that will keep your factory and your automotive brands humming.
In addition to our extensive line of standard products, ETCO’s engineers are widely known for their expertise in developing custom products and manufacturing processes.

Our mantra is “show us your problem and we’ll engineer a solution”.

APBoots_200_03Flexible shipping, flexible payments and high quality are all part of the ETCO promise. It is our objective to be the go to supplier for automotive components by offering a Product Life Guarantee along with unrivaled affordability and extensive service options. You can also expect UL certification and individual item-inspection, whether your order leaves our warehouses in North America, Asia or Europe.

361d12cbb3Applications in the Automotive Industry:
– Distributors
– Battery terminals
– Power window wiring
– Interior light wiring
– Dashboard components
– Steering columns wire termination
– Power seats wiring connectors
– Moonroof connectors
– Every type of connector
– Wire harness connectors / specialized assemblies

The following list is a small sample of standard products that ETCO manufactures at our plants. Our manufacturing facilities are built for flexibility both in times of increased production, product switches, and product manufacturing reductions. We created this flexibility with over an over 35 year history of manufacturing products for the automotive industries:

What we manufacture:
– Straight boot insulators
– Heating Air/Conditioning connectors
– Angle boot insulators
– Distributor terminals
– Battery post terminals
– Core crimp terminals
– Spark plug terminals
– Safety Wiring Harness Terminals


ETCO has won suppliers awards from companies such as General Motors, Delphi, Ford, Prestolite, Standard Motors and many others. Find out more by contacting ETCO for solutions with your company.