ETCO has over 50 contact related battery products and can custom manufacture and infinite amount more. Our blades and contacts come in multiple configurations, metals and insulation varieties. This backed with over 65+ years of manufacturing and engineering experience means that we have built a solid portfolio of products for the battery industry. With two sprawling factories in Florida and a custom manufacturing plan in Rhode Island, ETCO is equipped to manufacture almost any battery wire termination product.

Our mantra is “show us your problem and we’ll engineer a solution”.

14786EtcoETCO specializes in delivering finished products to our customer’s locations based on their specifications. We stress conformance to requirements. As a result of our extensive history in the EV and automotive aftermarket, our engineers bring a wealth of experience on engineering everything from battery contacts to blades.

military-battery-24-Oct-2013Current EV Automotive Applications

– Battery terminals
– Power window wiring terminals
– Charging contacts and terminals
– Interior light wiring connectors
– Dashboard connectors
– Steering columns wire termination
– Power seats wiring connectors
– Moonroof connectors
– Wire harness connectors / specialized assemblies

The following list is a small sample of standard products that ETCO manufactures at our plants. Our manufacturing facilities are built for flexibility both in times of increased production, product switches, and product manufacturing reductions. We created this flexibility with over an over 35 year history of manufacturing products for the automotive industries:

What we manufacture:
– Insulators
– Heating Air/Conditioning connectors
– ATV power connectors
– Battery terminals
– Battery post terminals
– Contacts
– Right and Left Angle Contacts
– Power Tabs


ETCO follows REACH and RoHS standards and is a firm follower of green manufacturing standards. We constantly review our processes to ensure that scrap is kept to a minimum. This means we register a small footprint on the environment and pass on the manufacturing savings to our customers. Find out more by contacting ETCO for solutions with your company.