Companies entrust cloud based server hardware that carry mission critical applications and data to reliable manufacturers. These servers, hardware and cloud hardware require the highest quality components to ensure data integrity, but most specifically pure power. ETCO sources from award winning suppliers of metal, rubber and other raw material sources. From the blades that are connected to the cords that plug into the wall, to the printed circuit board terminals in servers, ETCO manufacture reliable components. Our engineers have done this for over 50 years.

ebcb8f9e47ETCO Products can be found in:
– Network Switches
– Tablet Products
– Printed Circuit Boards
– Server Equipment
– Display Wiring
– Solid State Drives
– USB Drives

Lead_Frame_040430_01Our engineers then look at specific applications to create solutions for hardware manufacturers. Engineered in the United States and manufactured/shipped worldwide, ETCO keeps costs down and focuses on efficiency. We do not create for the lowest common denominator, we maintain the highest standards throughout the custom engineering and manufacturing process.

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