EP-Custom-Electrical-TerminalsETCO is widely known as an innovative medical solutions provider. We have decades of experience working with the most state-of-the-art products and technologies. Our manufacturing processes are cutting edge and second to none.

We consistently provide quality electronic components to medical device OEM’s.

medical-etcoMedical devices often have design challenges at the innovation stage. ETCO can help identify those challenges and find solutions based on the needs of your production process. Our broad range of capabilities and our developmental engineering track record is well proven.

Simply put, ETCO can take your project from speculation to realization.

Components for Applications in the Medical Field:
– Hospital Beds
– Heart Montitors
– Vital sign monitors
– X-ray equipment
– Catscan machines
– Portable oxygen
– Diagnostic tools
– Surgical equipment
– Durable Medical Equipment
– Emergency & trauma equipment
– Mobility units


Once a product design is finalized, you can count on ETCO’s 70 years of metal stamping and injection molding experience to consistently produce the highest quality medical components.

What We Manufacture:
Diagnostic wire termination products
Therapeutic wire termination products
Surgical wire termination products
Interventional wire termination products

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