ETCO is a wire processing industry stalwart. In 1947 our engineers and original inventor was awarded one of several patents related to manufacturing wire termination parts in strip format. This patent and our innovations since that time have made ETCO one of the most unique sought after manufacturers in the industry. Our high speed manufacturing and engineering capabilities means that wiring harness manufacturers have a key ally in getting their product to market quickly. ETCO’s wire termination solutions range in size, shape, metal type and more. This means that you have complete control over how your wires are terminated. It also means that costs and quality are no limiting factor for your end product.

Our mantra is “show us your problem and we’ll engineer a solution”.

press030801_01ETCO’s parts solutions are also accompanied by attaching equipment that create optimal crimps to ensure continuity of connection in all types of situations. Our connections are not smashed like other company’s. Our connections have the benefit of over 65 years of engineering applied every time.

f07b02b9b0Industry Specialties for Wiring Harnesses
– Appliance
– Aviation
– Automotive (restraints, powertrain systems, sensor systems, EV technology)
– IT Hardware / datacenters
– Portable Power
– OEM / Off Highway
– Telecommunications
– Medical Device
– Solar
– Consumer Devices
– Specialized assemblies

ETCO works with some of the largest wire processing houses in the world and delivers on time solutions at competitive prices. Our wire processing partners have given us awards related to supplier quality, supplier logistics and more.

Sampling of Wire Processing Terminals that We Manufacture
– Inline Disconnects
– Distributor Terminals
– Battery post terminals
– Insulated Disconnects
– Right Angle Connectors
– Core crimp terminals
– Spark plug terminals
– Safety Wiring Harness Terminals


ETCO has won suppliers awards from companies such as General Motors, Delphi, Ford, Prestolite, Standard Motors and many others. Find out more by contacting ETCO for solutions with your company.