Primary Distributor of ETCO Terminals in Mexico

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ETCO’s Mexico Distributor

Why Intereleq and ETCO?

  • High Quality Parts
  • Extensive Manufacturing Support
  • Wide Variety of Products
  • Quick and Immediate Shipping
  • And best of all, the lowest prices in Mexico

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The Lowest Prices

We negotiate the best prices with ETCO to bring you the value you deserve.

Extensive Engineering Support

Need a custom solution for your project? Intereleq not only distributes ETCO but can provide engineering help direct from the engineers at ETCO.

Very Fast Delivery

Because we place continuous orders with ETCO, you will always have your products immediately when you need them.

Shipping to nearly all areas
in Mexico for quick delivery

Get your product faster than all other competitors. ETCO manufactures parts exclusively for Intereleq delivery. These high quality parts are stored in optimal conditions so when they arrive to your location they are in perfect condition.

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Terminals for All Types of Applications

ETCO Terminals are manufactured for a variety of applications with high quality crimps and excellent conductivity in mind. ETCO Terminals have won multiple awards and continues to be the industry standard

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Unmatched Selection
With Custom Parts Available

ETCO has over 1800 parts and even more custom solutions. While we distribute a small number of common parts, Intereleq can also supply you with the entire product line available at ETCO.

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Contact Intereleq

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This is our headquarters in Mexico. Contact Intereleq for immediate response.

Phone: (52) 427-274-7114

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