ETCO’s insulated disconnects feature a fire-retardant nylon insulator that is self-extinguishing and V-O rated per UL 94.

ETCO’s metal carrier strip revolutionized the point to point harness applications, eliminating the sharp plastic edges left on the traditional insulator block. The unique design of the insulator block eliminates all possibilities of the male connector being inserted under the female during assembly.

Available in straight and flag styles to mate with .110” x .020”, .187” x .020”, and .250” x .032” NEMA male tabs, ETCO’s insulated disconnects & males replace heat shrink tubing in many applications.

Insulated products are offered in strip form and are produced to UL and NEMA specifications. They are designed for application by automated wire processing equipment.

This product line includes proven “F” crimps to the wire and insulation ears which result in a dependable, superior performing crimp and strain relief. ETCO’s insulated terminals eliminate the bent back wire strands associated with a closed barrel connection. This is accomplished by guaranteeing that the wire strands are placed properly in the ear section.

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