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The evolution of technology in the lighting industry has never seen such progress in so short a period of time. As a company that prides itself in developing new ideas, you can trust ETCO to be ahead of the curve at every juncture. Count on us to be leaders in developing the newest, the best and the highest quality lighting solutions. With solid-state lighting expected to comprise more than half of all commercial and residential lighting fixtures in the next few years, ETCO is on top of the transition and well prepared to make it a smooth transition. We’ve got the design experience and production proficiency to make the conversion as seamless as possible.

ETCO is totally focused on taking advantage of technological progress to make our offerings the best in the business. We are also dedicated to sustainability, which is why our lighting innovations are also environmentally friendly. All of our products are efficient to assemble and meet voltage and current requirements. You need never be concerned that we don’t have the right product for you.

ETCO is leading the way in next-generation lighting development solutions that actually hasten lighting manufacturers’ transition from traditional light sources to new LED lighting fixtures.

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