Notes on the Road: Edition 1

Notes on the Road is a series of articles from ETCO’s Sales Representatives on experiences helping customers solve manufacturing solutions

This story shows how Wire Process Specialties was able to solve several assembly problems by bringing in multiple partners and applying different assembly technologies.

Our customer, a supplier of telecomunication assemblies worked with our company on an assembly process using ultrasonic welding technology from one of our Global Technology Partners. This is a valued customer which we have built up a solid and trusted relationship over a number of years.

Our customer started a transition to the automotive industry with a similar core product and technology. The scale of the new product required major changes to their design in the assembly and electrical connections. We were asked for our opinion on assembly alternates for their consideration. The options included ultrasonic assembly and terminal crimp attachment to their main assembly. At that point, Etco was brought in to provide crimping options. After several alternates, our customer decided on a modified design of a standard terminal. Etco provided a valuable prototype service which allowed them to test and refine the design prior to production start.

For the actual creation of the wire lead, our customer asked us for options. As a highly automated operation, they were looking for an integrated solution. We asked for another valued customer, a wire harness supplier to provide input. After some discussion, the decision to outsource the wire harness was made and our harness customer received the order for the assembly.

In the end, a new business relationship started with Etco and our customer received a product that fit exactly with their new automotive assembly.

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Posted: April 17, 2012 in: Notes on the Road