Pancon Terminals by ETCO

ETCO Begins Manufacturing Pancon Electrical Terminals

March 11, 2020 – – Bradenton, FL – – The ETCO Corporation today announced that it will begin manufacturing Pancon’s electric terminal product line. Pancon has phased out production in its two manufacturing facilities in Massachusetts and California.

ETCO has purchased many of Pancon’s dies which allows ETCO to serve the production needs of former Pancon customers and help minimize any disruption to manufacturing facilities.

Sean Dunn, Vice President of Marketing, said “We appreciate the co-operation of the team at Pancon during the transition of the tooling and documentation to the ETCO facility so that we can help their customers achieve continuity of production. Pancon’s products are largely complimentary to ETCO’s 1,800 standard products but there are some differences in the end product depending on the product line. In addition, our ability to engineer custom products means that we can meet almost any product need.”

“Our team can also deliver Pancon-specific Cut-off Punches and Dies, Anvils, Rolling Tools, and other applicator perishables,” Dunn added.

Streamline Your Supply Chain with Made-In-USA PANCON by ETCO and ETCO Electric Terminals

ETCO products are highly automated by design, allowing us to be very cost efficient and not dependent on overseas sourcing of labor to be competitive.

It means that we do not have to worry about overseas shipping which is costly, time consuming and can affect product quality depending on temperatures and humidity in transit. It also means that our deliveries are timely and will meet your purchase order specifications.

ETCO Terminals are made in the USA

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