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ETCO PCB terminals are available for a multitude of uses including circuit board products, information technology applications, smart chip applications and more.

Made to exacting dimensions, ETCO PCB terminals can be customized for use in the latest technology. Available with several order minimums in place ETCO’s PCB terminals are unmatched in pricing, quality.

ETCO has recently launched a new series of terminals available in a variety of metals including partial tinned brass, brass tinned after fab, Tin over Nickel Plated Brass. Our engineers use these metals because they’ve been rigorously tested to withstand harsh environments and provide years of service.

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The semiautomatic PCB insertion machine is a cost effective solution to inserting strip fed terminals into printed circuit boards and insets up to 90 per minuet. This microprocessor controlled unit features rapid changeover, board pressure actuation and is pneumatic for consistent setting. It has a 12˝ throat that can accommodate up to 24˝ boards.