ETCO engineers and quality experts are always looking to stay ahead of the industry curve when it comes to maintaining the highest quality. We maintain ISO certification and/or TS certification for most of our processes because they are the highest standards available. We hold all of our employees to high standards in regards to individual manufacturing and quality certifications.

Our independent auditors are consistently impressed by our employees’ knowledge and professionalism. We are audited by UL throughout the year and we always meet or exceed requirements. At ETCO, we hold our suppliers to the same rigorous standards as our employees. We examine incoming raw materials rigorously, and we can trace every finished part to its original source and lot number.

The end result is quality material coming in and quality products going out. This helps our customers’ production lines run as efficiently as possible, which is one more reason our customer retention rates are unmatched in the industry.

ETCO products undergo thorough testing and conform to industry leading standards, including SAE’s rigorous J2031 & J2032 standards. Products that fulfill industry organizational testing standards also comprise the UL, CSA, or ROHS information we have on file and available upon request.

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