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UL 310 Terminal Testing Procedure Video

Ul 310 is a safety standard developed to evaluatre performance of quick connect electrical terminals. ETCO engineers simulate UL 310 testing to qualify terminal performances to industry requirements. The test outlined here exposes mated sets of terminals forming a circuit to cyclical periods of energization.

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Product Consideration for Progressive Die Manufacture

How do you manufacture products with ETCO for the lowest initial tooling costs, short lead times and the lowest overall production costs? The engineers at ETCO have prepared a guide that outlines all the considerations necessary in a concise 8 page pdf document.

Using these guidelines will get you optimal results when working with ETCO.

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ETCO Appliance Teardown WhitePaper

As a manufacturer of connectors, the use of product teardowns is useful in reviewing one’s own product as well as the industry into which it fits. It is important in keeping appraised of the changes in industry and the trends in technology that directly affect one’s business. These teardowns, when performed for proactive reasons, are […]

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Crimp Photo Gallery

When it comes to wiring and providing an acceptable crimp for connectors ETCO always comes out on top. Our connectors are engineered with efficiency, safety, quality and durability in mind. There’s nothing worse than a crimp with wires jutting out causing possible fire hazards and connectivity losses. ETCO has never comprised on quality. The gallery […]

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R&D has been working on a Lab fixture that will trigger Coil On Plug type coils. It will use this tool to compare industry standard coil to plug connections (typically a spring) with each other, and with prototype ideas, seeking to offer a better connection. We hope to show an improved terminal design can eliminate […]

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Engineering Glossary

Acceleration: a = (vf v0 ) /t, where vf represents the final velocity and v0 represents the initial velocity.

Acceleration of gravity: W= mg, where W represents the force of weight, m represents the mass of the object, and g represents gravity.

Ampere: (amp or A) A unit of electrical current, or flow of electrons, that is equal to a charge of 1 coulomb moving through or across a conductor in 1 second. […]

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Conversions and Engineering Formulas

Mathematical formulas for engineering

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Fraction Conversions


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