With two state-of-the-art stamping facilities in the United States, ETCO has been producing top quality products since 1947. If you need electrical terminals for automatic crimping to wire, pick and-place machinery or other automated assembly equipment, ETCO has what you need.

We manufacture a full line of electrical terminals for automotive, appliance, marine, electronic, industrial, HVAC, toy, and medical applications. ETCO’s standard electrical terminals feature over 1,500 connector products including rings, spades, disconnects, pins, males, blades, circuit board contacts, receptacles, and splices. For customer convenience and selection, our terminals are offered in brass, tinned brass, nickel plated steel, copper plated steel, tinned steel bearing bronze, phosphor bronze, and beryllium
copper, and range from .008 to .070 thick material.

All ETCO parts are fully supported by wire application equipment manufactured in house. ETCO’s Mini-Applicator can be used with automatic equipment and stand-alone bench presses such as TE/AMP, Molex, JAM, Mecal, KM, Artos, and Komax. Our applicators and parts allow manufacturing line workers to set it and forget it.

Our parts are shipped around the world using the fastest most cost efficient methods based on customer preference. ETCO provides flexible shipping solutions and customer support to meet your supply chain needs.

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