“U” Shaped Ground Pin and Solid Blades Feature Crimp Ears to Attach Fast Without Solder

A new “U” shaped ground pin and solid blades that are now available with crimp ears to increase wire attaching speeds for manufacturing hospital grade terminals are being introduced by ETCO Inc. Warwick, Rhode Island.

ETCO U-shaped ground pinETCO “U” Shaped Ground Pin and Solid Blades are supplied in strip form and feature crimp ears that increase wire attaching speeds by up to 80% and reduce production costs as much as 50% versus soldering, claims the firm. Made from plain- or tin plated-brass, these crimpable ground pin and blades are used for hospital grade connectors and other critical applications. Available in sizes for crimping 18 to 10 Ga wire, ETCO “U” Shaped Ground Pin and Solid Blades eliminate the need for the soldering process, which improves the work environment, in addition to reducing production costs. The blades are UL 1659 certified.

ETCO “U” Shaped Ground Pin and Solid Blades are priced according to size and quantity. Free samples and price quotations are available on request.

Posted: March 3, 2012 in: Electrical Connector