Wire Terminal Applicator Produced Insulated Disconnects In-Line

A new wire terminal applicator that can produce up to 5,000 disconnects per hour. Featuring an “F” crimp connection and fire-retardant nylon insulator is being introduced by ETCO Incorporated of Warwick, Rhode Island.

ETCO closed back insulated flag terminal applicatorThe ETCO Mighty-Mini Wire Terminal Applicator features a fully enclosed and guided piston style side feed mechanism for producing insulated disconnects in-line and has a micrometer adjusted crimp dial.  Designed to apply an “F” crimp on the down stroke and add a fire-retardant nylon insulator on the way back up, it can produce 5,000 fully terminated disconnects per hour.

Supplied in strip form with an open-ear crimp section, these fire-retardant insulated disconnects are rated for 150°C and meet UL and NEMA specifications. The ETCO Mighty-Mini Wire Terminal Applicator is suitable for use with a wide range of automatic equipment and stand-alone manual bench presses such as Tyco/AMP, Artos, and Komax with wire up to 9 AWG.

Literature and price quotations are provided on request.

Posted: March 4, 2012 in: Wire Termination News