ETCO was incorporated in 1947 to take advantage of a patent by Rene Martines who founded the company with Joe Dunn.

Rene’s idea was to put blades as we call them (you know them as the part you plug into the wall – see photo) in a strip and on reels so they could be crimped to a wire two at a time instead of being soldered one at a time by hand. This increased production speed tenfold and reduced labor for our two major customers at the time – Belden Wire and Cable and American Insulated Wire Corp.

Still a Good Idea

Today ETCO follows the same philosophy using our ability to put electric terminals in strip form and design equipment to help our customer increase productivity.

Original Patent Drawings

1953 patent drawing showing two terminals being attached at once from ETCO's 2020 brochure of electrical terminals and application machinery
David Dunn, Owner

David Dunn, Owner

At ETCO, we know the success of your manufacturing depends on the smallest component parts.

For over 70 years, we’ve partnered with manufacturers to deliver high-quality, innovative parts to fit specific pain points. We offer a vast catalog of precision metal stampings as well as custom solutions to help you streamline your manufacturing process.

At ETCO, we couple reliability and expertise to deliver holistic solutions for your production issues. Taking advantage of a deep background in manufacturing, our expert teams in Florida and Rhode Island utilize their combined 100+ years of experience to synthesize multiple perspectives to take ideas from initial concept to design and through production.

Old Values, New Ideas

At ETCO we believe that old values and customer service should still be the rule. The mergers of today seem to have created companies that operate as if their needs supersede those of the customers. At ETCO we won’t take an order unless we can guarantee on-time delivery and exact conformance to your requirements. At ETCO all managers, including myself, are accessible and will call you back. The founders of ETCO had very basic values based on integrity. Today we still live by those values. At ETCO no one will put you into voicemail unless you request it. At ETCO you will not be put on hold for more than 15 seconds without our checking back with you. Today we still live by those values. Please feel free to call us if you have a question; I promise you a human will answer.


3004 62nd Ave E, Bradenton, FL 34203
(941) 756-8426

Rhode Island 

25 Bellows St, Warwick, RI 02888
(401) 467-2400


We support our local communities.

The Brad Dunn Foundation

Brad Dunn Foundation

Woodland Early Childhood Center

Woodland Early Childhood Center

National Tooling and Machining Association

National Tooling and Machining Association

Pawtuxet Village Association

Pawtuxet Village Association

Sarasota Manatee Manufacturers Association

Sarasota Manatee Manufacturers Association

Client Testimonials

ETCO’s staff is proud of the work we do allowing manufacturers to reach their goals. Whether its via customer service, engineering, logistics or sales, our team is squarely focused on helping our customers reach their goals. Don’t just take our word for it, read the following testimonials from our valued customers:


I just wanted to thank you for your article last Month in Assembly on Coil on Plug Connections. Your Lab Data confirmed a decision I made twenty years ago to use your Std Terminals on a short pc of Taylor Spiro Pro wire on John Deere’s first Natural Gas Engine Coil on Plug Assemblies. All I could see in a Spring was Voltage Drop, Fretting & Heat Build-up. The Short pc of Insulated Cable actually helped Hold the Wire in place while adding a little flexibility. Our Aftermark is planning on bringing out some Coil on Plug Assemblies and I gave them your article and advised them to use your Guidelines and make some changes and use those changes as a Sales Tool vs the Spring Loaded parts on the Market now. Again, thanks for your outstanding Lab work.

Best Regards
Gray Gardner, Taylor Cable /Percy

Please extend thanks to your teams for responding to our needs so quickly. This quick action has allowed us to make battery cables over the weekend and be ready to bring our engine assembly areas back on line Monday AM.
 Great job!

The Lincoln Electric Company

In behalf of Delphi connection systems Tijuana, and myself, I want to express my congratulations to ETCO about the outstanding customer service provide to me by Keri Lovell in the past months. She has been very proactive and focused in cover all normal and urgent requirements to us, giving us fast and effective solutions in all requirements to keep running our supply chain, for a key customer: GMCCA. It a pleasure working with a person like her, always, very professional and open to help us.

Thanks for your support.
Luis Reyes, Delphi

I also wanted to Thank you and your team for helping me out with the PD163NFRHB! You really saved me.

Many Many Thanks,
Western Reserve Wire Products

That is why you guys continue to knock down supplier of the year or highest productivity, you do good work.

Prestolite Wire

We at Black Halo Racing are not always the easiest to work with but the entire staff at ETCO have simply been among the most professional I have encountered in the Tier One automotive supply industry.

Black Halo Racing


You have a tracking number for something that will not ship until tomorrow? A magician also? In addition, the best customer service person in the world?

Taylor Cable

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