Consumer Devices

ETCO is a leader in miniaturization, custom component engineering and manufacturing for consumer devices. Our engineering teams have worked with Fortune 500 companies on hundreds of consumer devices from portable products to personal care, grooming and more. Since its inception, ETCO engineers have provided solutions for over 1,000 consumer devices that have made it to market and sold commercially. This track record of success continues to this very day. With engineering centers in the United States and logistical capabilities worldwide, ETCO has the resources of a large company without the bureaucracy. Your products will be engineered, manufactured and delivered according to clearly defined goals.

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ETCO engineers work on a variety of consumer device projects and are particular experts on miniaturization products. Our stamped products range in thickness from .010″ to .032″. ETCO can even provide manufacturing and logistics help with projects that originate within international countries. Our team is a one stop shop for manufacturing and engineering in precision metal stamping and wire termination applications.

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