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ETCO is a leading supplier to the automotive industry. From terminals to boots to insulators, ETCO has an extensive product line of the highest quality products that will keep your factory and your automotive brands humming. ETCO manufactures spark plug boots, battery cable terminals, heavy duty ring terminals, and stamped top post battery terminals to be used as a replacement for cast lead type top post terminals. ETCO also makes the equipment to terminate these products to cable.

See here for ETCO’s full automotive terminal listing, and here for ETCO’s automotive boot insulators.

Angle Boot Insulators

ETCO Angle Boot Insulators
Angle Boot Insulators are ideal for automotive manufacturing applications, where space is an issue and wiring must be protected from high temperatures. A majority of these boots come in 90 degree configurations, but other degree configurations are available as well. The boots can be attached to wire using ETCO’s Bender Booter.

  • Protect terminals from high temperatures
  • Various angle configurations

Straight Boot Insulators

Similar in composition to the angled boot insulators, these Straight Boot Insulators come in multiple colors for color coded manufacturing applications. These insulators are primarily used in automotive applications and can be custom manufactured to fit specific dimensions upon request.

  • Protect terminals from high temperatures
  • Straight 180o configurations

Top Post Battery Terminals

ETCO Battery Post Terminals include universal post- and ring styles that conform to SAE specifications and are supplied as continuous strip on reels for termination by automatic equipment. Featuring crimp ears up, these heavy-duty terminals are available in sizes to match 6 thru 2 Ga wire to assure a high-integrity crimp and provide extremely high pull-off values. Made from brass and tin-plated brass for durability and corrosion resistance, ETCO Battery Post Terminals can accept one or more wires. The universal post style fits conventional automotive batteries and the ring styles are offered in straight and right angle types and various hole sizes to fit the new smaller battery posts. Custom designs can also be provided.

  • Conform to SAE specifications
  • Universal post style fit conventional automotive battery posts
  • Ring style fit smaller battery posts.

Core Crimp Terminals

ETCO Core Crimp Terminals
Available in custom and standard applications, the ETCO Core Crimp Terminal consists of industry-leading design and allows for efficient manufacturing. Depending on automotive manufacturing application needed, the ETCO Core Crimp Terminal can be ordered for high volume output.

  • Matching rubber boot components available

Distributor Terminals

ETCO Distributor Terminals
Distributor Terminals from ETCO come in a series of configurations and can be mated with cables that range in length from 7 to 8mm. Most terminals also have matching rubber boot components.

  • Matching rubber boot components available

Spark Plug Terminals

ETCO Spark Plug Terminals
ETCO produces vibration-resistant Spark Plug Terminals for makers of aftermarket ignition sets for cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, off-road, farm and marine engines. ETCO’s Spark Plug Terminals are available made from stainless steel, nickel plated steel and zinc plated steel in varying sizes and wall thicknesses in over 100 configurations to meet a wide range of ignition set applications. Featuring a tempered spring clip which provides a tactile feel when pushed onto a spark plug and seats, these terminals assure a reliable connection.

  • Matching rubber boot components available
  • Vibration resistant
  • Ignition set application

5mm Terminals

5mm Terminals

ETCO manufactures 5mm Automotive terminals in both brass and stainless steel.

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