Home appliances are used on a daily basis and therefore the electronic components must be engineered to withstand frequent use, often in high vibration environments. At ETCO, we manufacture components for home appliances that stand the test of time, day after day. Our heating elements, our motors and our electronic interfaces are consistently the industry-leading standard of quality. So, the industry’s most respected appliance manufacturers count on ETCO for production efficiency in their factories and for long product life for the end user. Our broad portfolio of standard products is impressive.

Equally impressive is our ability to design and produce custom connectors, relays, and circuit protection devices. If you have a design challenge, chances are excellent we can develop a solution working closely with your engineering team. Our innovative thinking and our focus on the latest technology keep our customers ahead of the competition. Our designers are constantly working on ways to optimize household appliance performance and improve efficiency and they have been doing that for over 70 years.

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