Custom OEM medical terminals


Custom fabricated electrical terminals for integration with overmolded medical devices  simplify assembly, reduce parts counts, and improve reliability. ETCO works their clients to design, tool, and produce these cost-saving terminals.

ETCO Custom Electrical Terminals for overmolded devices are manufactured to specification in sizes from 0.008” to 0.090” thick with ±0.002” tolerances and are supplied on reels or loose for use with various automation systems.

Suitable for integration with discrete component overmolding into medical devices, they can be produced from a variety of medical-grade alloys.

Designed to improve envelope functionality by incorporating the appropriate strain and flex relief, ETCO Custom Electrical Terminals can also be inlaid or edgelaid with precious metals to achieve special properties such as increased wear or conductivity.  These medical terminals for overmolded devices are developed using 3-D solid modeling analysis.

ETCO Custom Electrical Terminals for overmolded medical devices are priced according to design, materials, and quantity; typically suited for 500,000 parts/year production requirements.