Download ETCO's Locking Ring Terminal Evaluation TechNote

ETCO R&D designed a locking ring terminal to support ground connections on steel appliance framings. The new terminal style also features tangs that dig deeper into the surface finish for better grounding. In a series of tests – including crimp cross sections, terminal torque retention to surface measurements, and more – ETCO’s locking ring terminals were superior to competitors’ in:

  • Retention measurements in both pull directions
  • Terminal penetration
  • Electrical test performance


ETCO's Ring Terminals Are Perfect for Small Ignition Coils

ETCO’s versatile ring terminals withstand the test of time

Reliable Expertise Since 1947

Tested and Proven.  All of our terminals meet UL310 standards and perform above expectations in pull tests and crimp quality. Download our TechNote to see how our heavy duty ring terminals perform compared to large competitors. To see how ETCO engineers excellence beyond terminals. check out our white papers.

Versatile Functionality. Our terminals are ideal for attaching 12V batteries. The ring terminals are available in wire sizes from as large as 4 gauge wire down to 22 gauge wire. They come in both straight and right angle types and various hole sizes. Supplied in both loose piece and in strip form for versatile applications. Visit our product filter to see ETCO’s extensive catalog of terminals.  

Dedicated to Excellence. ETCO is a dependable supplier known for high-quality parts. We’ve been in the precision metal stamping industry for over 70 years, and are constantly improving our product line. Our parts are made of only the highest quality metals: brass, tin-plated brass, nickel-plated steel, and aluminum.