Multi Purpose

The Closed Back Insulated Connector works in a variety of applications. It actually costs less than other connectors..


Extensive Research

Quickly passed UL testing and performed to the highest standards in appliance usage.


Easy to Use

No need for high overhead or startup costs in manufacturing applications. ETCO helps with this, find out how by contacting us.



Wiring is easily inserted and the crimp is second to none. This solves legacy connection issues in appliance connectors without backing.

Closed Back Connector Product Images

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Engineering Support

  • Full e-mail and 800# support
  • Complete online documentation
  • On-Demand Inventory Updates
  • Custom connector design available
  • Consulting on Integration
  • Worldwide logistics support

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Standard Insulated Manufacturing Wire Termination Inserter Video

  • View the standard insulated manufacturing wire termination inserter video to get a view on how the application works and see how easy it is to integrate into your manufacturing. The closed back cover inserter (not shown) allows manfuacturing workers to quickly and efficiently process wire terminations with safety and ease of use in mind.

Closed Back Connector Product Video

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Reference Product# pdf-224-cb-fr

Available for usage in a variety of appliances
  • Electric Ranges
  • Refrigerators
  • Washing Machines
  • Diswashers

The Closed Back Insulated Connector is UL and CSA approved and can be used in a variety of appliance functions.

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