Download ETCO's Locking Ring Terminal Evaluation TechNote

ETCO R&D designed a locking ring terminal to support ground connections on steel appliance framings. The new terminal style also features tangs that dig deeper into the surface finish for better grounding. In a series of tests – including crimp cross sections, terminal torque retention to surface measurements, and more – ETCO’s locking ring terminals were superior to competitors’ in:

  • Retention measurements in both pull directions
  • Terminal penetration
  • Electrical test performance

ETCO's Ring Terminals Are Perfect for Small Ignition Coils

Small but strong, ETCO’s versatile ring terminals withstand the test of time.

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Trusted High-Quality Parts. Our terminals are ideal for attaching 12V batteries. The terminals are available in wire sizes from as large as 4 gauge wire down to 22 gauge wire. They come in both straight and right angle types and various hole sizes, and are supplied in both loose piece and in strip form to fit your existing manufacturing processes.

Lower Costs. Our pricing is reflective of the marketplace rather than just being set for the year, so you’ll never pay more than you should for high-quality metals. Our terminals are equivalents to competitors’ lines, but at a much lower cost. Check out our white papers to see how ETCO innovates.

Dedicated Customer Service. ETCO is a dependable supplier known for high-quality parts. At ETCO, you’ll always get a real person that cares about your business on the other side of the phone. We’ve been in the precision metal stamping industry for over 70 years, and are constantly improving our product line as well as our customer service. This year, we’ve maintained over a 98% on-time delivery rate. The proof is in our customer testimonials.