Innovative PCB Component Parts by ETCO

ETCO has created proprietary PCB component parts to improve the performance of your devices by providing direct power through the PCB.

In order to solve a challenge for a manufacturer of smart power outlets, veteran ETCO salesman John Carr designed the following solution: remove the ear sections of the GBBA and FAE parts and replace them with pins that plug directly into a PC board, then solder those in place, allowing the GBBA part to plug into the wall socket and consumers to control their devices by plugging into the FAE on the other side of the device.

What this means is efficient, applicable, easy-to-use power that plugs directly into PCBs to power a variety of smart applications.

Our PCB component parts are made with high-quality materials from award-winning suppliers of metal, rubber, and other raw material sources. In addition to GBBA/FAE parts, we offer blades, ground pins, and receptacles are available as non-assembled individual loose pieces components for pc boards.

Whatever your smart application, ETCO has unique parts to power your PCB 

Interested in ETCO’s unique PCB component parts? Fill out the contact form below to request a sample and explore our products first hand. For a visual explanation of ETCO’s FAE & GBBA functionalities, please see the diagram below the form.

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