Better Performance at a Lower Cost

ETCO’s new terminals and boots are designed with small engines in mind

Our small engine connectors use less metal and smaller boots to save you money while providing a tighter connection.

Lower Cost

ETCO’s small engine connectors can save you money though yielding high retention and conductivity.  Other small engine manufacturers often sacrifice retention and conductivity because they use spring coil terminals to connect their ignition wires to spark plugs, or use larger, more expensive connectors.

Better Performance

  • Higher retention rates than coiled wire terminals
  • Exceed SAE minimum requirements by almost 100%
  • Terminal crimp envelope with 3 ribs to encapsulates more than 360° of the ignition wire jacket

Download ETCO's Small Engine Terminal Retention Study

ETCO R&D assembled both a coil spring terminal tacked to wire and our new small engine terminal crimped to wire to measure the amount of force required to separate each type of terminal.  The results show impressive retention capability on behalf of the new small engine terminal. Fill out the form below to view exclusive data.