1. Keep all moving parts lubricated.
  2. Keep applicators free from pieces of wire and scrap.
  3. Do not over-tighten screws when making adjustments.
  4. Always turn press over by hand to ensure proper alignment of tooling before power up.
  5. Polishing the roll tool and changing worn tooling will increase life and performance of your equipment.
  6. Keeps extra sets of perishable tooling on hand to avoid production delays.
  7. Do not modify tooling when you have problem. Call your ETCO contact person.
  8. Refer to crimp height requirements on applicator tag or instruction manual before making adjustments. Over striking could damage equipment.
  9. Secure your manuals for future reference.
  10. Before making adjustments or attempting to correct a problem, refer to press and applicator manuals provided with equipment.