Notes on the Road: Closed Back Insulated Female Disconnect Solution

The following details a customer interaction that Sales Representative Gerson Galindo had and how he solved a problem by using a custom solution.

It is a recent event with one of our customers, they are one of the first to use the new insulated terminal with a back cover.

The time line given by the appliance manufacturer for this new terminal to be in production, was very tight so everybody involved in the project was working very hard to get the product ready.

The mini applicator and back cover inserter were built and sent to them as well as the insulated terminals and covers made from a new tool. Mind you the back of the insulation had to be modified to accept the cover therefore that tool had to be modified accordingly.

Since this would be the first time our customer would use the applicator and inserter, they requested technical support. I went with ETCO technician Bob Blaise to setup and train the customer on this newly designed terminal and equipment.

The cover inserter is a complicated device but with a very simple process so it was no problem at all for them learning how to use it. During the set-up of the customers wire processing machine, we notice the wire jaws causing a slight kink in the wire. Numerous adjustments were made, yet the problem still persisted intermittently. A call back to ETCO resulted in a slight design change with an incredibly fast turnaround. This allowed the customer to meet the tight deadline on a running change.

Gerson Galindo has been with ETCO for over 5 years as a sales representative in Mexico. He can be reached directly using his contact information below:

Tel: +52(55) 5534 8337

Posted: June 5, 2012 in: Notes on the Road