Notes on the Road: Edition 2 – Fred Bainbridge

The following is an account from sales representative Fred Bainbridge on an experience where he solved a Chicago company’s engineering problem by collaborating with their engineers and providing an ETCO solution.

I got a call from a Chicago company’s engineering department, went into see them, they were using a competitor’s .110 Quick Disconnect on slide switch tabs and they were falling off. UL found out about this problem and made them correct the problem by soldering the disconnects to the tab, all 3.5 million. After looking at the terminal, I came to the conclusion that ETCO had an equivalent that could be modified and run through their existing applicators. I sent samples of the switches and the competitors’ terminal back to ETCO, within 5 days I had a reel of the ETCO modified terminals, I took the terminals into engineering and they worked perfectly. ETCO has been receiving orders for this part 3-5 million parts/year for the last 10 years, plus it opened the door for many additional parts.



To contact Fred Bainbridge see his information below:

F. W. Bainbridge & Associates
Tel: 312 953-7302
Fax: 847 953-0552

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Posted: April 26, 2012 in: Notes on the Road